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Nanny State Stupidity from DC

See this Wall Street Journal article for details, How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine, including why you can no longer buy a top loading washer rated better than “mediocre or worse” by Consumer Reports.  Note that in 1995, 13 out of 18 tested by CR were rated “excellent” and the other 5 were rated “very […]

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Clayton Christensen: The Survivor

Superbly written and inspiring article at Forbes about the health challenges faced by highly regarded author and Harvard professor Clayton Christensen. Christensen’s influential book, The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail, is a must read for every business person, as it captures and explains the essence of the process of innovation, […]

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Bad News/Good News

From Zero Hedge regarding QEII – an unmitigated disaster.  Also, see banks face new headwinds.  Big trouble brewing, however the good news is that the bad news has to come before the good news, although there’s probably significant lead time involved.  The economy cannot really turn around until it clears the toxic assets (and in […]

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