Nanny State Stupidity from DC

See this Wall Street Journal article for details, How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine, including why you can no longer buy a top loading washer rated better than “mediocre or worse” by Consumer Reports.  Note that in 1995, 13 out of 18 tested by CR were rated “excellent” and the other 5 were rated “very good”.  So, we progress from desktop computers to laptops to smartphones, with growing functionality in shrinking devices available at ever lower costs.  Meanwhile, thanks ONLY to government bureaucrats/over-regulators, those mechanical wonders comprising 75 year old technologies such as electrical motors, spinning tubs and rubber belts have degraded in performance and increased in price.

Ditto light bulbs, dishwater detergent, toilets, shower heads, ethanol-diluted gasoline, etc., etc.  See the 500 comments for some entertaining insights (and a few useful ones)!

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