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Amazing Coincidence?

Or simply a reflection of endemic institutional fraud throughout America? The three articles referenced below appeared in My Google Reader inbox today, prompting these thoughts. First, we have the AJC reporting that Fulton County has inflated housing values for tax collection. “Morris filed suit against the Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors, alleging the county […]

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One of those pictures worth several thousand words?

Each additional dollar borrowed is now generating a REDUCTION in GDP of almost $.50.   For more background and details, visit Nathan’s Economic Edge (h/t to Business Insider).

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Source of Healthcare Price Increases

This chart illustrates the decline in personal responsibility for healthcare costs over the last 50 years.  Now I have to find the best source for healthcare cost increases over the same time period, but I would guess the correlation between these two factors will be quite high.  It’s what always happens when people can use […]

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