NewGround’s web site, including this blog, is created within a web-based application developed and hosted by a company named Squarespace.  This service, in my mind, would best be described as a Web 2.0 Content Management System (CMS).  From a business perspective, I believe the Squarespace service offering represents a great value proposition.  For $20/month, we get a web development and hosting platform that allows us (non-HTML proficient people) to create, store update/refresh, manage and publish our website, including this blog,  I mention this because today I noticed this post on their customer service blog describing the recent launch on the same Squarespace service (and servers) of a much larger and much more heavily trafficked website (of former US House Majority Leader Tom Delay).  The contents of that post not only raised my esteem for the Squarespace platform capabilities, but also underscore what a great value proposition it is – for Delay a great website/managed traffic service for $100/month versus several thousand to create the same capability for yourself.

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