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NewGround’s web site, including this blog, is created within a web-based application developed and hosted by a company named Squarespace.  This service, in my mind, would best be described as a Web 2.0 Content Management System (CMS).  From a business perspective, I believe the Squarespace service offering represents a great value proposition.  For $20/month, we […]

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Blogging 2.0

I believe Fred Wilson nails it in this post.. That was Blogging 1.0.  We knew back then that the web was a great platform for personal expression.  All three businesses still exist.  Two of them exist inside of web portals and apparently is going to get sold soon, apparently to the New York Times […]

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Business Related, for a Change!

Time to blog about something else besides politics.  EuroTelcoblog opines that Internet and web publishing technologies are evolving in a manner that suggests a new Web-based investment research platform will surface to replace the obviously dysfunctional and outdated one provided by the investment banks. "the message is pretty clear to me: eventually, and probably sooner […]

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