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Clayton Christensen: The Survivor

Superbly written and inspiring article at Forbes about the health challenges faced by highly regarded author and Harvard professor Clayton Christensen. Christensen’s influential book, The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail, is a must read for every business person, as it captures and explains the essence of the process of innovation, […]

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Dems Eat Their Own?

The Democrats are considering a parliamentary maneuver to brazenly and arrogantly avoid the “up or down vote” that Obama has demanded for Obamacare.  Should they decide to  do so, they will “slaughter” and “eat their own”, as the Wall Street Journal says more eloquently below, all for the sake of power.  Move over Jim Jones, let Harry and Nancy take over…and start passing out […]

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Source of Healthcare Price Increases

This chart illustrates the decline in personal responsibility for healthcare costs over the last 50 years.  Now I have to find the best source for healthcare cost increases over the same time period, but I would guess the correlation between these two factors will be quite high.  It’s what always happens when people can use […]

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