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Great Picture!

Not much to do with business or technology, but you might find this scene at the newground!

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NewGround’s web site, including this blog, is created within a web-based application developed and hosted by a company named Squarespace.  This service, in my mind, would best be described as a Web 2.0 Content Management System (CMS).  From a business perspective, I believe the Squarespace service offering represents a great value proposition.  For $20/month, we […]

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Business Development 2.0

According to a veteran IT venture capitalist and current Web 2.0 investor, the Web 2.0 phenomenon is producing changes in the job description for "business development"  Fred says:   But the job of a business development executive is changing. You have to be more product focused, more technical, and focus on making deals where there […]

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