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American Music at its BEST! – The Band with the Staple Singers

This version unfortunately omits Mavis’ comment just after the end of the song -“beautiful!”  That is was and that it remains.

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Caravan – Van Morrison & The Band

Thanks to Scott at Powerline for this post celebrating Van Morrison’s 61st birthday and tipping me off to a video on YouTube of Van Morrison singing "Caravan" with The Band during their "Last Waltz".  He makes the following observation about this particular performance: Van’s performance with the Band is memorably documented on film in Martin […]

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MP3 Filesharing Disrupts Music Industry Business Model

But, not because music consumers are "stealing" music.  Instead, the Internet and peer-to-peer filesharing disruptively enable musicians to become real business entrepreneurs by creating and maintaining their own distribution channel to their loyal, dedicated and" fanatical" customer base.  Tim Oren explains why this is so.

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